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What is Capacity?

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2019 02:57PM EST

A Capacity (or a Load factor) is our term for anything that takes up space on your Vehicle. They can be picked up or dropped off at an Order as well as reloaded at a Depot. Capacity is not an option allowed for the Service Order type. If needing to have Capacity, only Pickup, Dropoff, or Pickup/Dropoff Order types can be used.

These are not pre-defined. This way you have maximum flexibility in customizing WorkWave Route Manager to your business. You will not be restricted by us and you can define up to 5 unique capacities. 

In your business what space restrictions do you have? What limits how many Orders your Vehicles can go out and take care of? You will define them as a Capacity.

All you need to do is name them and then tell the planner how many your Vehicle can hold. These are the names that will be used going forward (but you can always change them if you have to). The planner will then add(Pick Up) or subtract(Drop Off) from the total Capacity depending on each Order.
This means that when you build your Orders you will need to indicate what they have in terms of Load. 

In a pickup situation you could tell Route Manager that your Vehicle can hold 20 units (again, the Load can be anything). 

Let’s then say that each Order that the Vehicle visits has 5 units for pickup. The Vehicle will max out at 4 Orders and either return to the Depot for the day or, in a Reload situation, go back to the Depot (while respecting that Depot Setup Time and Cost), empty the Vehicle, and go back out to pick up more units from the remaining Orders. 

When you define these Capacities the planner will be able to model your day far better and give you the ability to max out your Vehicles while providing better promise times to your customers.
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