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Create your Depot

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017 10:37AM EST

For more information on Depots please see What is a Depot?

1. Click the Settings gear.



2. Click on "Depots".

3. Click on "Add Depot".

4. In the New Depot window, create your Depot. This could be a warehouse, an office, or even your Technician’s/Driver’s home. 


The name for your Depot (whatever you want it to be). This will be used as a starting or ending point, or when scheduling return trips.


The address, coordinates, or pin drop location of your Depot.

Setup Cost (Optional)

The cost of either setting up at this Depot or returning to Reload here throughout the day. This requires an associated Order.

Setup Time (Optional)

The time the Vehicle must spend setting up or Reloading at the Depot each time it comes back.

5. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.

From here go on to Create your Vehicles.

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