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Create your Driver and Assign GPS

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017 10:40AM EST
For more information on Drivers please see our article on What is a Driver?

Here you will see how to create Drivers, assign them to Mobile GPS, and assign them to Vehicles. From this tab, you can also edit or remove Drivers.

1. Click on the Settings gear.

2. In the left panel click on "Drivers".

3. Click on "Add Driver".

4. Enter in your Driver’s information.
Your Driver’s name or call sign. You’ll use this when assigning to a Vehicle.
This is the username your Driver will use to login to the Route Manager Mobile App. The email, at this time, does not need to be a valid email, but rather just needs to be in email format.
The password your Driver will user to login to the Route Manager Mobile App. Must be at least 6 characters and cannot begin or end with a space.
GPS Tracking via Smartphone
This is where you can enable the code to track your Driver's mobile device with GPS. Click the dropdown for "GPS Tracking via smartphone" and choose any available device listed. Devices that are already in use will be grayed out. This option is only available if you have Mobile GPS. If you do not have Mobile GPS and would like to add it to your account, please submit a Support Ticket to the Route Manager Support Team.

5. Click "Ok".

6. Edit Vehicle Assignment.
    A. Click on "Edit Vehicle Assignment".


     B. In the Driver Assignments window, use the dropdown next to 
         each Vehicle name to assign a Driver.


     C. When completed assigning Drivers, click "Ok".

6. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.

Note: If you have a Mobile GPS license assigned to a Driver, and want to delete that Driver, please ensure you first set the "GPS Tracking via smartphone" to "(none)". This enables the ability to reuse that Device ID for a new Driver.

Also, if you only have Mobile GPS, and change your WWGPS password (through the button in the interface), this will deactivate your Mobile GPS connection and the Route Manager map. The WWGPS button is for users with hardwired or plug-in devices installed in their Vehicles. If you do change your password through the WWGPS button, please contact the WorkWave Route Manager Support Team to assist with re-linking your accounts.
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