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Geocode your Orders

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2016 05:19PM CEST
You'll need to bring your Orders into Route Manager before you can do this. Please see this article: Import with Excel and Map your Fields.

Now that you have brought your Orders into the system it is time to Geocode them. That is, place them on the map. This is one of the most important parts of the process and Route Manager gives you several tools to make it as easy as possible. 

1. After you’ve clicked “Next” on your Field Mapping window you’ll see this (highlights are for demonstration only):


Two things that you’ll see right away are the status bar and a running count of three items:
How many addresses have been successfully Geocoded.
An error that results from a piece of your Excel file not being formatted or mapped correctly. Please refer back to the “What is an Order” and “Field Mapping” articles.
Route Manager could not place your address and you’ll need to review it.
Import errors, red, result from a piece of your Excel file not being formatted or mapped correctly. 

Geocoding errors highlighted in blue, result from either your Order being outside your assigned Territory or Route Manager not being able to place it on the map. Please review the address information you have.

If you receive Geocoding errors you have a few ways within Route Manager to correct them. Please note that it is required to fix or remove a “Wrong Address” before you can proceed.
What to Do
You've input an Order outside of your account's limits. 
Review the address to make sure it was formatted correctly or please submit a support ticket for assistance.
Low Accuracy
The route planner has placed the address in the postal code of the area but could not find an exact address. 
Manually place the address (see "Advanced Geocoding" below) or review the address for any errors. 
Post Code Missing/Mismatch
The Order was either brought into Route Manager without a postal code (Post Code Missing) or the Google Geocoding tool found an issue with the postal code and corrected it (Post Code Mismatch). 
If you receive this message and intentionally did not bring in postal codes, do not worry!

If Google is correcting your postal codes please ensure the addresses are in fact being placed in the correct location 

As the geocoding happens live, you can double-click on each address to bring up an editing window.


From here you should focus on the “Location” field. 

You’ll be presented with a few options:
Geocoding Result
This is the result that Google is returning to Route Manager for the address it was given. This will change as you edit the address in the location bar. 
Current Location
Where Google placed the address last. If this is different from "Geocoding Result" you haven't saved a new result yet. 
A list of your saved Depot addresses that you can choose from for an address.
Advanced Geocoding
You can click this to be taken to a map and manually place your Order's address.

Geocoding addresses like this is an extremely powerful tool in route planning. Here, you have two choices:
  1. Search for the address and see what pops up as a suggestion. 
  2. You can also drag and drop the blue push-pin to where you want the Order to be placed. Route Manager will suggest addresses based on this.


Click “Ok” when you’ve settled the address and you’ll see the “Ok” message in the "Import Orders" window. Once all of your addresses are good to go you can import your Orders.

Finally, save the Orders by clicking "Apply Now".
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