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Using the WorkWave Route Manager Mobile App in the Field

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018 04:32PM EST
For information on getting the Mobile App, please see Download the WorkWave Route Manager Mobile App.

For information on Proof of Delivery, please see What is Proof of Delivery?
Basic Mobile App (for users without Route Manager 360)

With Mobile App support on your account, your Drivers can log into the WorkWave Route Manager App to see their itinerary.

If you have included the phone number for the person you’re visiting the Driver can call them right from the App. Click on each Order's name to see more details/directions.

The Driver can get more information about the Order by clicking the arrow on the right.
Your Driver can get driving directions to each stop by clicking on the navigation icon. The directions will open in the Navigation App of your choice.

Links can also be attached to Notes for the Drivers to open in their mobile web browser.
If there are multiple Orders at an address the Mobile App will group them. Click on the group to see a breakdown of the individual Orders.
Driver Communication and Last Minute Planning (For users with Route Manager 360)
When you have the Route Manager 360 feature you will be able to send updates to your Driver and receive updates back from them as they complete their route.

What does this mean? Let’s say you have a last minute Order that came in and you want it served. You use the Best Fit or Drag and Drop options to add to or change the route around. 

Let’s say that your Driver has left their starting location on the route and is now going about the route as planned.
1. When they arrive at an address, click  “Arrival”.

2. Click “Accept Time”. If your Driver forgot to do this he or she can use the time selector at the bottom to select the correct time. 

4. After the job is done and the Order is considered served your Driver can then signal back to you that this is the case by clicking the “Status” button.

The Order will automatically be marked as “Done”. The Driver can click the button again to tell Route Manager that the Order needs to be rescheduled or to clear the status.
Available Statuses: 
  • Order is Done: Tells the office that the Order is complete but Driver is still on site.
  • Mark as Reschedule: Tells the office that this Order couldn’t be served.
  • Clear Status: Erase any communication about this Order
5. When the Driver is ready to go to the next Order and leaves the current one, click Departure.

6. Just like the Arrival time, the Driver can either accept the time from their device or select a different one.

7. If anything is running behind your Driver can see that some of the Orders are being Violated in the top right of the App. He or she can click it to view the Orders that won’t be reached in the time window they were supposed to be started.
Violated Orders will also be marked with a red tag. If a time window is being Violated that will also highlight in red.
Your Driver can also check into grouped Orders all at one time if he/she would like. 

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