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Lock a Vehicle's Route

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2016 09:51AM EDT
After you’ve made changes to your plan - like dragging and dropping some of your Orders around - you may want to optimize the stops that are left over. You may have needed to load up one Vehicle with some extra stops, for instance.

If you just go and re-optimize you’ll lose those changes - Route Manager will try and make everything efficient to the best of its knowledge. In this case, you need to Lock your changes into place. This will make the planner ignore your changes and only focus on what you want to optimize again.


1. Click the “Lock” button next to your Vehicle names.

2. Those Vehicle rows will become striped. 

3. And then you can click “Build Plan” again - those Vehicles will be ignored in the optimization. Your changes are preserved against everything except your own dragging and dropping

4. Now, you can also lock all of your Vehicles in one click if you’d like. Click the “Lock” text above the locks.


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