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Flexible Start time vs Fixed Start Time

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2016 10:01PM CEST
Please also see the article about Creating your Vehicles.

Sometimes it is better for Vehicles to leave later and to be on the road for a shorter time, sometimes it is just better to leave as early as possible. This option gives the flexibility to put the Vehicle on the road at just the right time to serve the first Order.

A fixed start time comes in handy in those scenarios where it is important to make sure all of your Vehicles leave the Depot at the same time or for example when an employee is paid from 8 o'clock no matter what.

If you tick the "Flexible Start Time" option, Route Manager will postpone the actual departure time if that helps minimize the Vehicle's working time.

With working time we mean the total time between the moment the Driver leaves and hits the road towards their first stop and the moment they finish their route 

For this reason, the route planner may see it fitting to have Vehicles leave later than the beginning of their set working Time Window, whenever leaving early does not contribute to a shorter working time. For example, because of some Time Windows' settings, Vehicles would have to wait before serving certain Orders and this would generate idle time and decrease efficiency.

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