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Add your own Information to your Driver's Routes with Custom Fields

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2016 10:34PM CET
Often it is the case that in addition to information related to routing you will need to bring in extra information related to each Order.

Some common examples are gate codes, extra phone numbers, service instructions, chemicals, revenue, or anything that provides more context for your Orders. You can put up to 1,500 characters worth of custom information into each order, split between 20 different custom fields. 

To do this WorkWave Route Manager has what we call a Custom Field. This is information about each Order that the route planner does not take into consideration when routing but will display for you when planning the route and when your Driver is visiting each location.



You can do this one of two ways:

1. In the export from your CRM (to Excel, CSV, or API) create new columns with the name of the field you need, and map your new columns upon import. Please see, Import with Excel or CSV and Map your Fields. for more information.


2. Add custom fields on a per Order basis inside of Route Manager.

   A. First, go to the "Orders tab". 

   B. Then, select the Order you want to edit and click “Edit selected Orders

   C. In the Edit Order window scroll down to the Custom Fields section, and click the "+" to add a new Custom Field. 

   D. Then, in Field Name (1) enter the name of your Custom Field. In Value, enter the information needed for this Custom Field (2). 

   E. Either add more or click “Ok” when you’re done.

   F. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.

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