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Why can't I Serve all of my Orders?

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 12:42PM EST

Great question!

The most basic answer to this question is this: the plan lacks the resources to go to every Order and still comply with all of the constraints you have set.

To review, a constraint is anything you’ve set that limits the planner. 

A constraint could be (but is not limited to) some of these things:

By design, WorkWave Route Manager will never suggest a plan to you that will violate any rules you set. All plans that are generated will comply with your rules. (You can break your own rules by manually adjusting your routes. See this article about using Drag & Drop.)

How can I figure out what constraints are in my way?

The first thing to do is look at the Orders that Route Manager could not serve. Go to "Orders" view and see if they have anything in common.

You can sort the Orders by whether they were planned or not. 


For instance, do all of the Orders have a Required Tag that only one of your Vehicles has? Is your Vehicle’s day completely full and are all of the Orders using a significant amount of time?

Now if this does not make everything clear you can also find out what constraints are in your way by Forcing an Order into your route plan

Check the Vehicle chart. The Order you Forced in will be red and a warning will be there.

Hover over the warning or select the Order and the violated constraint will be visible.



Now, what do I do?

That choice is yours. You created the rules. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my rules realistic? Do they match my day-to-day Operations?

  • Am I experiencing an increase in business that I need to account for by extending my Vehicle’s working hours on this one day?

  • Do I have a large or flexible enough fleet to handle the volume of my business?

  • Can my Vehicles really complete the route within the time-frame and constraints I’ve set? Example: I set the day to end at 5 PM but I know my fleet often doesn’t stop until 6 PM. 

  • Do I need to grow my fleet or add more Vehicles to my account?

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