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How can I Utilize more of my Vehicle's Day or Use Less Days?

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 12:39PM EST
Scenario: You’ve planned your route and you’re finding that your Vehicles are done a bit too soon or that they aren’t busy enough in the course of the week/weeks/month you’re planning for.

In this scenario, WorkWave Route Manager has found a solution that takes the work of 7 Vehicles over 2 days and is able to compact them into only 3 Vehicles for 1 day.

Route Manager's default settings are to fit as many Orders as possible into as few days as possible while respecting your rules. While this is the most cost and time efficient way of routing, it may not be the most optimal way for your Drivers. 

If your primary concern is packing your days as much as you can then you can tell Route Manager to do just that. You have a few options:

You can directly tell Route Manager that you value how many days are utilized by creating a Fixed Cost for your Vehicles. Please see our articles about Costs, Vehicles, and Creating Vehicles.

Having a Fixed Cost increases the Cost of your plan for every day that your Vehicle(s) is used. This will encourage Route Manager to minimize how many days it spreads your Orders over (if it can - this can depend on what dates your Orders must be served on as well).

The end result is that your Vehicle’s days are fuller. In this example, Vehicles 15 and Car have been set to have $500 fixed costs.

The plan is done in fewer Vehicles or multiple days. Getting this result will depend on finding the right mix of Costs to set. Please note that this may not be as mathematically efficient, but it could be far more “human-friendly” to your operation and your employees. 
You can also try reducing the number of days you’re running the plan in. If you constrain the problem and give Route Manager fewer ways to solve the route plan, you will get the result you’re looking for. Try taking the plan down a few days and see what the spread turns into.
Another option is to reduce the Vehicles available to the planner by removing a Vehicle for the day. You can try this in order to reduce options available to Route Manager. This will work when your Orders are spread out among different Vehicles on different days. 
You can also try swapping routes between days. You can move a Vehicle's routes from a day with a full schedule to a day with no schedule. 

Minimum Requirements

Like setting a Max Requirement you are not allowed to exceed, you can set a Minimum Requirement within your Vehicle settings. 

Using Minimum Requirements is a good way to tell Route Manager that each Vehicle must have something on it. This makes things fair for all of your Drivers. 

When using Minimum Requirements, just know that we will try to come as close as possible to these settings but they may not be met 100% as it has a lower hierarchy compared to the Max Working Time and Load Capacity.


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