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Can I Overlap Traffic Profiles?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2016 09:44AM EDT
Great question! Sometimes the traffic patterns in your area will not be straightforward grids, but instead overlapping areas of congestion and free driving.

To help with this, yes, you can overlap traffic profile. How does WorkWave Route Manager handle this? The overlapping area with the highest speed slowdown is the one that Route Manager will use. 
In this example, a small overlap occurs. The darker Traffic Profile has a bigger slowdown. Where the two meet, that Traffic Profile wins.

Here, the darker Traffic Profile is totally inside of the lighter one. When a Vehicle travels through the lighter Traffic Profile it uses that speed reduction. When it enters the darker profile the heavier speed reduction takes over. When it exits, it travels with the lighter reduction again.
Here, an area of heavy congestion surrounds a lighter area. Think of this as an area of highways and suburbs around rural highways. In this image, only the heavier profile is considered. The lighter one in the center is ignored (because the highest reduction will always win). 

So, to model this scenario, you can instead use the traffic profile tool to draw more specific areas that have different speed reductions. 

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