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Bring in your Orders

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 11:54AM EDT
Viamente Route Planner and WorkWave Route Manager both support bringing in your addresses (Orders) into the system in the same general ways:
Though the exact methods of bringing in Orders one at a time or through the API have changed in WorkWave Route Manager, they are still similar to Viamente Route Planner. Bringing in an Excel sheet has been changed to be more flexible and require less work from you over time.

What’s Changed?


1. This hasn’t changed! WorkWave Route Manager will still allow you maximum flexibility to bring your Orders into the system. In the case of the API you will just need to consult our most recent documentation. 

2. Viamente Route Planner required you to change your existing data (or build new files) to bring Orders into the system. You need to tell your system of record to export your information in a certain way (which could require time, money, or both) or edit your files (which requires time) before uploading.

In a one-time exercise, you can tell WorkWave Route Manager what your existing file means and how it should read it. We call it Field Mapping

If you upload an Excel file into Route Manager that has a column named “Customer Address” you don’t have to change anything about it - just use our Field Mapping tool to tell us that “Customer Address” = “Delivery/Pickup/Service Full Address”. 

This system is far more flexible and allows you to adapt WorkWave Route Manager to your business and not your business to WorkWave Route Manager.
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