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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 12:09PM EDT

Viamente Route Planner and WorkWave Route Manager both give you the ability to test out new ways to run your routes. They also both give you ways to track changes.

WorkWave Route Manager enhances these capabilities by giving you a new way to organize your plans, a better way to track changes, and improved reporting to track how effective the routes were.

What is an Operation? What is a Simulation?
Approve and Track Changes


What’s Changed

1. To Viamente Route Planner every plan you make is a “real” plan. It is up to you to organize them in a way that you’ll know is meant to be sent to your Drivers

WorkWave Route Manager separates this into two areas for you: Operations and Simulations. In Operations you are able to send routes to your Drivers. This is tied to the real calendar date that routes will be executed. In Simulations, you can experiment with your routes without a worry of confusing your Drivers, as the routes will not be dispatched to the Mobile App

Remember, changes you make to a plan are sent to your Drivers once you approve them. It is important to not send experimental routes to your Drivers. 

Simulations give you the chance to avoid that. Once you’ve made a plan you are happy with, Export it over to Operations.

2. WorkWave Route Manager lets you track changes by assigning ID numbers to your Orders after you’ve Approved your plan.

This ID is the Vehicle number and the sequence of the Order in that Vehicle’s route. In the above example, you are looking at Vehicle 1, Order 1. It is the Vehicle’s first stop of the day.

This number is static until you go ahead and Approve a new plan. If you move the Order to another Vehicle the ID number stays the same. In Viamente Route Planner you are given a new number.

In the above examples, Order 1 on Vehicle 1 was moved to be the second stop for Vehicle 2. In Viamente Route Planner you have no quick and easy way to tell that you made the change. In WorkWave Route Manager you can easily tell what the change was. 

3. WorkWave Route Manager and Viamente Route Planner both have comparison tools to help you determine what changes have done to your route plan.

WorkWave Route Manager gives you the steps in cards at the bottom of your screen for you to click through and track changes. Viamente Route Planner depends on a list that disappeared after each click.

4. With the WorkWave Route Manager 360 option, your Drivers can check in and out of Orders that they have visited. Route Manager will record this information for you to review as the day progresses.

You can then Export this information into an Excel worksheet or back into your own CRM system (using our APIs). Included information will be:

  • The Vehicle that was original supposed to serve the Order

  • The Vehicle that did serve the Order (if anything was changed during the day)

  • Time In

  • Time Out

  • Status (Done or Reschedule)

  • Time the status was entered

  • Total distance driven

  • Total time working time

With this information being sent to you in real time and being able to export it as a summary you can adjust your staffing levels, customer service expectations, and projections as needed.

What do I need to do?


Nothing! The comparison tools are all there for you to use as needed. Review these instructions as needed:

Comparison Tool
Set baselines and track changes

If you have the Route Manager 360 package you will be able to take advantage of the reported check ins and outs (Proof of Delivery)  as well.
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