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Drivers vs Drivers, Depots, and Vehicles

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 12:11PM EDT

In Viamente Route Planner you need to create a Driver. The Driver is your Vehicle, your employee, and where they start and end their day.

In WorkWave Route Manager, these items have been separated. You still need to tell Route Manager the same amount of information as before, but by separating the concepts we’ve opened up the possibility for more flexibility and better routing.



What’s Changed?

1. While it seems like there is more to do there is actually the same amount of information to enter. 

2. In Viamente Route Planner the starting and ending Depot of each Driver is a characteristic of that individual Driver. Not only do you have to enter the same address multiple times (one for each Driver), but Viamente does not know any extra information about that location. How long does it take to reload at the Depot? Should trips back to the Depot kept to a necessary minimum?

WorkWave Route Manager treats the Depot as its own entity and because of this can give it its own characteristics. Entering a “Setup Cost” will let Route Manager know when it is worthwhile to send the Vehicle back to the Depot. Entering a “Setup Time” will let Route Manager know how long the Vehicle must spend there when it does have to go back.

3. Only the name has changed here. Most of what made up a “Driver” is now a “Vehicle”. 

4. Drivers in WorkWave Route Manager and Viamente share the same name and same basic function: they are there to tell the programs how your employees (or you!) will get their routes.

There are three important differences with how this is handled in WorkWave Route Manager:


  • You cannot send your Drivers their routes as a Garmin, Navigon, or TomTom file
  • Instead, you can distribute in our Mobile App. You can also send a route list to your Drivers in PDF format.
  • Drivers can be dispatched to different Vehicles on different days. If you have 16 Drivers and 8 Vehicles with a different riding schedule on each day you can now plan for this.


What do I need to do?

Since the information you need to enter is actually the same, begin by creating your Vehicles, Depots, and Drivers. Now is a good time to review all of what a Vehicle can do to take advantage of some features that you may not have used in Viamente Route Planner.

After that, review the information about Load/Reload and the WorkWave Route Manager Mobile app to decide if you need to take advantage of the new setup features for Depots.
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