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Load Capacities

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 12:14PM EDT

Load Capacities remain largely unchanged in WorkWave Route Manager. If you’re using them now there is not much you need to change in your workflow. 

What’s Changed?

1. Viamente Route Planner could plan for up to 3 load capacities per Vehicle. WorkWave Route Manager can plan for up to 5. This will allow you to factor in more of your business into the routing.

2. Viamente can only work with whole numbers in your load capacities. If you carry any items that could possibly be split before going on the Vehicle you needed to round those numbers up or down in order to route them. For instance, 2.55 gallons of milk would need to be just 2 or 3.

Route Manager can handle up to two decimal points. You can just enter “2.55” for your gallons and it will more accurately plan your route and use your Vehicle’s Capacity to its full advantage. Route Manager allows you more precision. 

3. Viamente has a rigid way of working with your data inside of Excel. It can only take in data if it is formatted and called out in a certain way. You’d need to name your Excel columns with names like “Load”, “Load 2”, and “Load 3”. If you are exporting reports from a system of your own this leads to more preparation before uploading to Viamente. 

WorkWave Route Manager not only lets you upload your Excel file with less work, but you can specify what the names of your Loads are. Whether you call this boxes, gallons, or “Column 5” you can bring it in with minimal work.


How do I prepare for the change?


  • If you have more than 3 Capacities to plan for, start by creating vehicles that have those capacities. Then name them exactly as they appear on your Excel sheet.

  • After that, tell Route Manager what each column in your Excel means. This is a one-time exercise.

  • If your data has decimal points in it - don’t change anything!
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