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How VRP and Route Manager Optimize your Routes

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2016 02:37PM EDT

WorkWave Route Manager and Viamente Route Planner both have a goal: create efficient routes for your business. How they go about it is a bit different.

Viamente gives you little control over how the routes are initially optimized. You can make Driver specific Regions, edit a Fixed Cost, and edit a Per-Hour Cost (the per-mile/km cost in the Driver's settings is only for your own knowledge and has no impact on the routing). The end goal of Viamente Route Planner is to create an efficient route that minimizes the amount of time that a plan takes to complete. Minimizing miles is a by-product. 

If you’re happy with minimizing time, WorkWave Route Manager can do that just as well as Viamente Route Planner. However, if you need more customization, Route Manager will allow you the ability to minimize not just time but also: mileage, usage, and area of entry/exit.

This allows you to customize your routes before you plan them, reducing the time you need to spend modifying the route after WorkWave Route Manager has done an optimization. 


What’s Changed?


1. Viamente Route Planner chooses plans that will serve as many of your Orders as possible in as little time as possible.

WorkWave Route Manager’s default settings will do that too, but Route Manager will also give you options to minimize other factors by telling it about some of your Costs. You can define these in either real money or general value. 

2. Viamente Route Planner gives you the ability to customize two costs that can change the outcome of your plan:


  • Fixed Cost
  • Per-Hour Cost

Changing these allows for you to let Viamente plan routes that consider more than just time.

WorkWave Route Manager gives you access to not only those Costs but can really let you build the right plans for your business. Included Costs are:


3. By exposing more of these Costs, WorkWave Route Manager lets you build the most human-friendly plan possible. For example, maybe your business services 10 Orders in an apartment building. Technically, these orders are all at the same address.

Viamente Route Planner could group all of these Orders together or it could group eight of them before leaving for another area in town and leave two for the return trip. Mathematically this makes sense in some cases; there are time windows to maintain or deadlines to meet. Viamente has no concept of the frustration this could cause your Drivers. This means that you must change it for them. 

WorkWave Route Manager can understand this by entering a “Per-Stop Cost”. This tells the planner that there is a Cost (real money or Driver frustration) to stopping at each location and to minimize how often the Vehicle must stop. Using this, all 10 of those Orders can be grouped together without you making the manual changes.

Being able to customize these settings if you want to helps you in a few ways:


  • Fewer modifications after the plan has first been optimized
  • Plans that meet not just your efficiency needs, but your greater business needs
  • Cost reporting. If you’re using your true Costs you can generate reports for what each day and route is costing you


What do I need to do?


  • Collect your thoughts on changes you find yourself always needing to perform in order to get a route plan you are happy with.
  • Find the corresponding cost that could help you get to the better plan
  • Or put the list of your thoughts into a support ticket in Route Manager. Send along what you want to see happen and we can try and bring that closer to your real planning.
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