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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 12:26PM EDT

Viamente allows for a basic region assignments that exclude Drivers from going into another Driver’s region. You need to predetermine what Drivers will go where regardless of how efficient it is and, on top of that, you need to create each region (even if it is the same area) on a per Driver basis. 

WorkWave Route Manager introduces the concept of a “Smart Region”. 

Smart Regions allow you to set up Costs and Times associated with entering an area and then tries to minimize them. So, you don’t necessarily have to tell Route Manager which Vehicle should go into the Region (though you can do that, too), you can tell Route Manager to try and limit how many Vehicles can go into a Region

In Route Manager, you can also draw a single Region and assign it to multiple Drivers. No more painstaking re-drawing of Regions to make them match.

More information can be found here:

What is a Region?
Create a Region

What’s Changed?


1. WorkWave Route Manager introduces Smart Regions into your routing. You can assign a Cost for an area and this will tell Route Manager to send in as few Vehicles as possible to serve Orders there. This means less work for you and more efficient selection of which Vehicles goes where. 

This helps routing in a few ways:


  • Clusters Orders in an area to one Driver whenever possible. You’ll have less overlapping routes (even if overlapping can be more efficient)

  • Improves your routing for customer service. If you’re in field service you don’t want to schedule one person one day and then their neighbor another day - you want them both on the same day. 

  • Allows you to take into account real costs like tolls. You don’t want your Vehicles crisscrossing bridges and paying a toll each way to serve Orders on either side. This will encourage the planner to schedule one side and then the other. 

In the example below, the areas on the left had no cost (similar to Viamente with no Regions/Costs) to enter them. You can see, judging by the different colored dots, that there are always at least two Vehicles serving each Region.

The image on the right has a Region Cost associated to each area. Except for the Region on the right (where two Vehicles are absolutely necessary to serve all of the orders), each Region only has one Vehicle inside of it. 


2. Viamente requires you to draw a Region for each Driver - even if the Regions are exactly the same. 

WorkWave Route Manager lets you draw a Region once and assign it to as many Vehicles as needed.

3. The entry Cost lets you do the clustering mentioned above!

4. In WorkWave Route Manager a flat amount of time can be added onto the Vehicle’s day when entering a Region. If you know that entering a Region (due to crossing a busy bridge) will take at least 45 minutes, you can add that in as part of the Region.

What do I need to do?

To use this feature in WorkWave Route Manager you’ll need to complete a one-time setup of your Regions. This includes:

  • Identifying areas of your Territory where you need to have a Region

  • Identifying whether you want the Regions to be specific to a Vehicle or whether you want to let Route Manager decide which single Vehicle will serve the area

  • Draw your Regions

  • Assign a Cost to encourage clustering (if needed)

  • Assign to Vehicles (if needed)
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