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Export a Simulation to Operations

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017 02:45PM EST

After you’ve built or saved a plan to Simulations you will need to send it to Operations to actually run the plan. 

1. Click on your Territory name in the upper left corner of WorkWave Route Manager, either in Simulations (blue) or Operations (green).

2. In the list of route plans, first select the plan you’d like to export and then click “Open Selected”.


3. In the plan you've opened, click on “Export to Operations

4. A new window will pop up: “Export to Operations”. The date(s) you’re working within Simulations will be filled in automatically.

5. Select the date from Simulations that you’d like to export and the date in Operations you want it exported to. 

In this example, Wednesday the 18th is being exported to Wednesday the 25th. 



If you are exporting multiple days from Simulations, the “Export starting from” date should be the first day you want to export. Route Manager will match all of the following days.

In this example, you are exporting November 18th - 21st to Operations from Simulations. Route Manager will start that export on the 25th and carry it through to the 28th.


6. Choose to “Add” or “Merge” the routes in Simulations with the routes and Orders inside of Operations

Adding will take the Simulation and add it to your routes in Operations. If you already have routes in Operations may result in duplicate Orders/routes. If you have no routes in Operations you will only see the Simulation you exported.

Merging will combine and overwrite duplicate Orders in Operations, but only if the Simulation was originally made in Operations. If your routes in Operations are empty, just click “Add”. 

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