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Create and Modify Repeatable Routes

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017 08:39AM EST

Wait! Before you read this article, you will want to be familiar with:

WorkWave Route Manager allows you to create repeatable routes that you can depend on for a daily or weekly basis, while also being able to add to it when needed.

This means that you have commitments you need to keep to your customers, but you also need to be able to squeeze in last minute orders into your Driver’s day if you can. This is common in field service industries like pest control or lawn and landscape. 

WorkWave Route Manager can still help you on a day-to-day basis because of its Execution features. You’ll be able to track Driver behavior, plan around last minute changes, and check your Planned routes vs your Actual routes.

Step 1: Create a Simulation to Store your Route

1. Click your Territory name in the upper left corner of WorkWave Route Manager


2. Click “New Simulation

3. Enter the name of the Simulation and uncheck “Import Orders and Routes from Operations

4. Route Manager will switch to Simulations mode. All of your buttons will be blue.

5. Click “Add Orders” and import your Orders via Excel or at one at a time


6. When your Orders are uploaded with all of your constraints and requirements, build your route.

7. Change your routes, switch them around, reverse them, or anything you need to do to get them to be the way you want them.

8. Route Manager will save your changes as you make them.

9. You'll need to assign Eligibility dates to your Orders that match up with the day of the week you want them served on. This will make sure that your Orders are always served on the same day moving forward.

Do this by first sorting the "Assigned to" column


10. Take the dates that the planner assigned to your Orders and make them a requirement for Route Manager to honor. Select the Orders that belong to a certain day:

11. Click "Edit Selected Orders" to edit all of those Orders.



12. Change the Eligibility field to be "on" and pick the date that the planner chose to route it on.

Click "Ok"

13. Repeat this for every day you've built routes for. 

Step 2: Export your Routes back to Operations to Run

1. When you need them, click on your Territory name again and open the route plan.


2. Your plan will open in Simulations.

3. Click “Export to Operations

4. A new box will pop up. 

Route Manager will automatically pick the date of the Simulation you opened, but you need to pick the date you want to move the route plan to. 

5. Pick the calendar date you need to move the pre-planned route to. Type it in or click the calendar button in the “Export starting from” field.


6. In this example, if you’re planning for Thursday, you’d pick the 19th. 

The “Sim days to export” date won’t ever change - it is just telling Route Manager which date to look at for the Simulation. It will keep the date of the day you originally planned the route. The important date is the “Export starting from” date. 

7. Click “Add”


8. Your Thursday route plan in Simulations will be added to the date you picked in Operations and you can now Execute and Track it as your Drivers complete their stops.

Step 3: Add Orders to this Route with Best Fit

You should also review this article about Best Fit: Fit in New or Last Minute Orders

1. Add in your Orders, either through an Excel upload or one at a time. They will be added to your total Orders.

2. The new Orders will be white dots on your map with an “Unassigned” status.


3. If you want to keep your Orders with their current Drivers/Vehicles, click the arrow on “Build Routes” and select “Fit in Unassigned Orders (keep current routes)”

4. A confirmation window will appear. It will ask you a few questions:

A. Whether you want a Full Optimization or to Fit in Unassigned Orders. Click “Fit in Unassigned Orders”.
B. What days you would like to plan. Select the date you are running your plan for, November 19th in this example.
C. That you want to Build Routes


5. This will fit in the new Orders in with the best possible Driver/Vehicle who has time to pick up extra the extra Orders. While the sequence of stops may change, Driver/Vehicle assignments will not.

When the two Orders are fit into this plan, Vehicle 3’s route changes:

Before Fit-in:


After Fitting In:

Orders 3.9 and 3.10 have been added for the best available times in this plan. In this case, the beginning and end of the day.

You can also build entirely new routes by doing a Full Optimization. 


This will put your Orders - new and old - on the best available Driver/Vehicle regardless of what their normal routes are. 


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