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How Can I View more Information about my Orders?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2016 10:15AM EDT

WorkWave Route Manager gives you the ability to view your Orders one at a time in our route chart or on the map, but you can also view your Orders in a list format where you can view information in line and also sort. You can also pick and choose what information you would like to see.

1. Click the "Orders" tab


2. Hover your mouse over one of the columns already there (1). Then, click on the arrow that appears (2).


3. Select the "Columns" option (1). Then, select the columns you'd like to have visible.

Once you have selected the columns you can drag them into whichever Order you'd prefer.



Field Meaning
Unassigned - Not assigned to any Vehicle
Assigned - On an active Vehicle
Done - Your Driver has checked this Order as "Done" in the Mobile App
Reschedule - Your Driver has marked this Order as "Reschedule" in the Mobile App. You can assume the Order was visited but not completed.
Name The name you assigned this Order
Schedule The time the Driver is projected to arrive at this Order
Eligibility The required date or date range this Order must be served on or in.
Assigned To The Vehicle this Order is assigned to
Importance The Importance assigned to the Order
Address The address of the Order
Order Type Whether the Order is a Pickup, Delivery, or Service
Required Vehicle The Vehicle that is required to visit the Order
Pair ID Used to associate pickups with deliveries. Example: Pickup and Delivery are both 1
Stop No. Sequence of this Order on the Vehicle's route
Service Time Amount of time scheduled to be at the Order
Required Tags Required Tags assigned to the Order
Banned Tags Banned Tags assigned to the Order
Idle Time If any idle time before the Order it will be listed here
Notes Notes on the Order
Order ID I.D. number assigned to Order. Example: 1.1 means Vehicle 1, Order 1
Custom Fields Any custom field you input on the Order

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