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June 21. 2016: Mobile App Updates, Stability, Multiple Time Windows, New Export

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2016 01:41PM EDT
Check out the additional features and functionality that will be released to WorkWave™ Route Manager on June 23, 2016 and June 29, 2016: mobile app updates, route planning for multiple time windows, updates to your export file (automatic time in/out), and algorithm improvements.
As always, our team is extremely interested to hear from our customers. Your input is important and is taken into account when we look to release new features and functions. Connect with me on LinkedIn so we can schedule some time to discuss your feedback! 
June 22, 2016 Updates:
  • Mobile App updates
    • View past routes that are not archived yet.
    • Text to speech to allow drivers to listen to notes vs. reading text. This might help guide your drivers with instructions and keep them hands free when needed!
  • Improved Stability (behind the scenes)
We’re always working behind the scenes to ensure your data is safe and that you’re protected from things like natural disasters or server downtime. To continue to improve the stability of WorkWave Route Manager, we’ve recently updated our processes to guarantee continuity of services and redundant architecture.
June 29, 2016 Updates:
  • Route plan for multiple time windows
You now have the ability to plan for different time-windows on different days. Route Manager will assign the best time-window out of the designated options and build you the most optimal route. (Note: Defining multiple time-windows for different days at the moment is only possible via API or by manually editing orders in Route Manager. Excel will soon be supported.)
  • "Export File" now includes time-in/time-out
Add the detected data in your route report. This is the first step towards an upcoming release: opting into automatic time-in/time-out vs. manual reports.
Coming soon:
Looking to get times of arrival updated more often than today? We will soon allow for ETAs that are updated based on the GPS position of your workforce and not only on events at each order. When drivers run into the unexpected, like traffic or accidents, you’ll have the ability to dynamically re-optimize your routes and receive more frequent updates on ETAs. Get the visibility to make smarter, proactive decisions with GPS tracking. Learn more!
Did you know?:
You can add an order to an exact spot on the map (Left clicking + Shift). The order window will pop-up automatically for you to add further parameters and details.
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