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Set your Non-Preferred Roads

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016 01:40PM EST
To learn more about Road Editing, please see What is Road Editing?

WorkWave Route Manager can take your input into what roads you would like to travel when building your route plans.

You can give this input by setting additional Drive Times on the roads you would prefer not to use. 

1. Click the Settings gear.

2. Click "Road Editor".

3. Find the road on the map you'd like to set additional time for.

4. Click "Draw New Segment".

5. Left-click on the starting point for your Segment (your map may zoom in to make drawing easier).

The length of the Segment must be between 20 and 650 in length (more than enough to cover most roads). The instruction box will be red when the length is below 20 and more than 650.

6. Left-click where you want the Segment to end.

7. Name the Segment.

8. Uncheck "Block". (Blocking actually tells Route Manager to not use the road at all at that point.)

9. Add "Additional Driving Time" in HH:MM (hours and minutes).

10. Click "Save Changes".

11. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.
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