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Launch Apps from the WorkWave Route Manager App

Last Updated: May 14, 2019 10:16AM EDT
The WorkWave Route Manager Mobile App can be used as part of a larger workflow for your team by linking it to other applications on your Driver's device. This is done using a technique called Deep Linking

For instance, you could create a button that automatically sends your Driver to a pre-filled SMS message to send to your customer. You can truly streamline your workflow.

Deep Linking does require you to know what action you are looking for your Driver to accomplish and for that action to be built into your Order.

1. Add Custom Fields with one or all of the names below when uploading your Orders. The "<custom label>" is the name you want to display to your Drivers in the mobile app. Remove the brackets from the label when you build it. 

  • For linking on iOS devices: deeplink_ios:<custom label> 
  • For linking on Android devicesdeeplink_android:<custom label> 
  • For linking to apps that don't require iOS or Android specific commands deeplink :<custom label> 

2. Enter the link in the body of your Custom Field for each Order
SMS Deep Link with Body Example: "Your Delivery Has Arrived"
Custom Field Name: deeplink:SMS

Custom Field Value: Single Recipient  

Custom Field Value: Multiple Recipients

This Custom Field Value will work on both iOS and Android devices.

If you only use Android devices:
Custom Field Valuesms:1234561234;?&body=your delivery has arrived

In the Route Manager app this will create a button that lets the Driver go right to his/her messaging app to text the customer. 

Email Deep Link with Example Subject & Body: 
"Your Delivery Has Arrived"

Custom Field Name: deeplink:Email

Custom Field

If you have a mixed set of Android and iOS devices deployed, enter both links and Route Manager will display the right one at the right time.
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