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WorkWave Route Manager Workshop: Frequency - November 10th, 2016

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 03:24PM EST
Setting Up Recurring Routes

Although we're not an order management system, there are a few ways WorkWave Route Manager can set-up frequency. Join us to learn how.

28:07 - Can you force an unserved order with one tag to another day?
32:05 - If you make 
one-time change can you still have a master in simulations?
33:13 - Is this a bug? If you want to clone an archived order it won’t let you.
34:25 - Is there a way to change the default for the archive?
36:15 - What if I want my dropoffs to be at a specific time but my pick up times can be flexible? Meaning, the vehicle can leave my base whenever I need it to.
39:39 - What is the difference between routes in the past that are archived and routes in the past that are not archived? Aren’t they all still visible?
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