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What is the Analytics Dashboard?

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020 02:43PM EST
This Dashboard provides a general overview of your assets and Orders. The focus is on Vehicle utilization (Time and Load), total number of Violations on Time Window commitments and Order distribution: How many Orders you have that were completed, skipped or rescheduled?
This provides a deeper understanding of your fleet and team that you may have under-utilized or review successful plans.


*All charts are scrollable and tool-tips are displayed on the top right corner of each section.
By clicking on the “i” to the top right of each chart, you are able to visualize a couple of use cases for that specific metric.


Additional information can also be found when hovering over charts.



IMPORTANT: Data refers to Archived days only- today’s data will not be included until the day is Archived.

OVERVIEW - Details

1: Number of total available Vehicles in selected planning horizon, average number of Vehicles used daily, total planned mileage(km), average planned daily mileage(km).
2: Total number of assigned Orders, broken down into:
  • Fulfilled (i.e. completed Orders for which we have at least one execution event and that have not been marked as to Reschedule)
  • Reschedule (i.e. marked as to be Rescheduled from the Mobile App and/or the web program
  • Skipped (i.e. left out/missed during execution, without any actions being made)​
    **The colors that indicate each of the above statuses are reflected in the pie chart and in the bar chart.
3: Total Time Window Violations and daily average. Only Violations that were not planned (i.e. present at the time the routes were approved and dispatched) are taken into consideration. The Violations indicate arrival at an Order out of the allowed Time Window. This is based on what Drivers report. This requires having the WorkWave Route Manager 360 service. If you do not have this service, but are interested in adding it, please submit a Support Ticket, or reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

4: The dashboards indicate the percentage of saturation of the available Vehicle Working Time and Load Capacity day after day in the selected planning horizon. The blue bars indicate the highest and lowest peak, while the blue line running across the chart indicates the average usage.

This dashboard focuses more on Planned vs Actual metrics. Time spent at each stop is broken down into Planned vs Actual vs Exectued. Deviations from the plan are highlighted together with Idle Time, delays on arrival and/or departure.
The immediate value is providing an insight on major discrepancies, allowing for correcting the way of planning and/or enforcing it with Drivers who may need coaching.
1: Time spent on average at each Order (note: stops at Depots are not included). Planned, Reported and Detected times show in different colors.
2: Delay on Planned arrival: Average difference between Detected arrival and Planned arrival. This difference is considered an unplanned delay and worth monitoring on a per-Driver basis.

3: Delay on Reported departure: Difference between Detected departure and Reported check out (i.e. there is a delay on departure, where the Driver has reported they have left but waited before leaving the area).
4: Deviations from the plan: This chart shows how many days each Driver changed the sequence of their routes compared to the planned ones.
Please note the following use cases:
  • On a single day, Driver 1 changes the sequence 1 single time: this counts as 1 deviation from the plan
  • On a single day, Driver 2 changes the sequence several times: this counts as 1 single deviation as well. What is considered is the day and not the changes themselves.
5: Unplanned Idle Time: Average difference between reported checked in and detected arrival times. The time between the detected arrival and the moment the Driver reports check in/service start is considered idle.
Idle Time present on the route at the time of Approval and Dispatch will not be considered.
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