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Route Manager 2.0: User Panel

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019 12:37PM EDT
If there is a need to make Account Settings changes, submit a Support Ticket or Give Feedback, visit the User Panel in the upper right hand side of the interface.

1. Dashboard - will open a new tab for the Analytics Dashboard which is especially helpful if you have WorkWave Route Manager 360. The Dashboard will provide information about your Orders and Violations.

Please visit these two articles regarding the Analytics Dashboard:
What is the Analytics Dashboard?
View Driver/Vehicle Specific Analytics


2. Settings

a) Account - allows for updating of Name, email for password recovery, Time and Distance preferences, Date formatting, and Currency for Costs.
b) Password - allows the password to be changed from within the interface
c) Users - allows the creation of additional users to have their own credentials, along with defining areas they can work in and not work in
d) Territory - allows for changing the Time Zone for the current Territory being worked in
e) API Key - where the API Key can be obtained to provide to a developer for API integration, and as needed to reset the API Key
f) Company Details  and Customer Notifications - where the user can set up Company Details for use with Customer Notifications, and set up the actual Customer Notifications
g) Language - where a user can change the inherent language in the interface. Currently only English and Spanish are available, but more will follow!

3. Open Legacy - if there is access provided for Legacy Route Manager, this button can be used to open a new tab in the web browser

4. Support Center - this will open the Self-Help Support portal where keywords can be searched, and articles can be found to help with questions.

5.  Give Feedback - this option allows for direct communication with the Engineering Team on ideas, compliments, painpoints, etc. Support does not receive this communication

6. Ask Support - fill in Name, Email address for contact, choose a Topic, and leave a message, then click on "Send Ticket". This goes to the Support Team who will look into the Support Ticket and respond 

7. Single Select/Multiselect - clicking on this lets the user choose a single clickable item, or multiple clickable items (Vehicles, Orders, etc)

8. Logout - choose this option to Logout out of the interface and to ensure there are no cached sessions still open
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