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Route Manager 2.0: What Is a Territory? How Do I Switch Territories?

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019 05:10PM EST
A Territory is an area of operations for your business. Your Territories will have your Depots in them and define how far out your Vehicles can travel.

You can have as many Territories as you want in completely separate geographical areas. For instance, you may have a Depot in Illinois as well as a separate location in New York City. 

As you open more Depots in more areas contact the Support Team to add more Territories to your account. If you also need more Vehicles, please reach out to for assistance.
To switch between multiple Territories, click on the name of the current  Territory in the upper left hand corner.

Click on Switch Territory.

A full list of the available Territories will then appear.

Click on the Territory you would like to open.

Then click on the the Open (Territory Name) button.
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