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Using Route Start and End Route in the WorkWave Route Manager Mobile App

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2018 01:43PM EDT
If you have WorkWave Route Manager 360 (Event Tracking) enabled on your account, you can add this feature! If you are unsure if you have Event Tracking for your account, or would like to add this feature, please reach out to the Route Manager Support Team by submitting a Support Ticket within Route Manager.

To ensure this feature works correctly, first Event Tracking must be enabled on the Vehicles in Settings. Remember to click "Apply Now" to save your changes once completed.

Now that Event Tracking is enabled, the Drivers can start using the "Start/End Route" feature in the Route Manager Mobile App.

The dispatcher and/or manager of the Drivers should determine ahead of time how they want to use this feature:

- Do I want my Driver to indicate the "Start Route" when they are leaving the Depot?
- Do I want my Driver to start their route at their first Order?

When a Driver logs into the Mobile App, using the credentials created in Route Manager, prior to acting upon their first Order, they need to click on "Start Route":


If the Driver attempts to interact with an Order before clicking on "Start Route", they will receive the following message, and will need to click on "OK" to proceed:

The Route Manager Mobile App will then try to acquire a GPS location. This may take up to 30 seconds.

On the Gannt Chart in Route Manager, the dispatcher/admin/manager will see an arrow icon to indicate that "Start Route" was used:
If your Driver attempts to log out of the Mobile App prior to finishing the route, he/she will receive this warning message:

NOTE: If the Driver chooses to "log out anyway" by clicking on "OK", when they log back in they will need to clear the "End Route". When the Alert below is shown upon logging back in, the Driver will need to click on "Ok", then the time in the lower right of the Mobile App, and then in the next pop up click on "Clear". The Driver can then proceed with their route.

Once the Driver has completed interacting with their Orders and they are ready to finish their route, they will need to click on "End Route":
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