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GPS Tracking: How Can I Track My Vehicles?

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019 03:27PM EDT

Selecting Items on the Map


1. The interface will always default to Single Select (shown in the top right-hand side of the interface). In this mode you can click one device (from the list or on the map) at a time.


2. Clicking where it says Single Select will toggle you to Multi Select which will allow you to choose groupings of items.


3. At the bottom of your device list on the left, you will see a Select All button as well which will allow you to select all items in that list.


View/Hide items on the Map


1. By selecting a device or devices, you can choose to show or hide them on the map in the by clicking Style on Map in the Navigo Bar.


2. Here, you can choose how to display your device(s).


3. To view/hide all devices or Places on the map, click Style all on map at the bottom left hand side of the map.



  1. Here, you can choose how to display all of your devices and Places.

4. Click Done to confirm any changes.


View/Hide Breadcrumbs


1. By selecting a device or devices, you can choose to show or hide their breadcrumbs on the map by clicking Breadcrumbs in the Navigo Bar.


Live/Historical Tracking


Your Default view will always be live tracking and showing the last 30 minutes of data.


1. Choose the time interval you would like to view (10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours) at the bottom of the map


2. To view even further back, go into Historical Tracking Mode by clicking the box with today’s date in it.


3. Next you can either scroll through recent dates, or click on Load a Specific Date to avoid scrolling.


4. Once you have chosen a date you can choose the time range you would like to view.
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