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Route Manager 2.0: Driver: Create/Edit/Delete

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2019 04:21PM EDT
A Driver is the person behind the wheel of your Vehicle that will be accessing the Mobile App. A Driver cannot modify the route that was built for them, however the Mobile App does allow a Driver to run the route out of sequence to meet business needs.

Create a Driver
To create your Driver, first click on "Setup".

In the new panel that opens, click on "Drivers", then "Create new Driver".

Route Manager only requires 4 pieces of information, before you "Apply Changes":

1. Name - Name of your Driver. This can be the Driver's real name, or something generic like "Driver 1".

2. Email - This will be what the Driver enters as their Username in the Mobile App. This must be in an email format: for example, Usernames are case sensitive.

3. Password - The password must be at least 6 characters long. Passwords are case sensitive.

4. GPS Tracking via Smartphone - This is where Mobile GPS licenses can be assigned to the Driver to be able to view Breadcrumbs and Current Position if the Driver has an approved route assigned. If you do not have this feature and are interested in adding it, please reach out to your Account Manager, or the Sales Team at

5. Click "Apply Changes" to save this Driver.

Edit or Delete a Driver

To edit, or delete, a Driver (change the Name, Email, Password or GPS Tracking via Smartphone), click on "Setup", then "Drivers".

In the Driver list, choose the Driver to be edited or deleted.
Note: If choose "Delete" the Driver will be removed immediately.

In the new panel, choose "Edit" or "Delete".

The areas that can be edited are: Name, Email, Password, and GPS Tracking via Smartphone. When finished with the edit, click "Apply changes".

Once all creations, edits and deletions are completed, click on "Back".

To save all creations, edits and deletions in the interface, click "Apply Now".


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