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Route Manager 2.0: Vehicle/Driver Assignments

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018 11:12AM EDT
Vehicle/Driver assignments can be set permanently, but can be changed on an as needed basis.

To create the initial assignments, click on "Setup":


A new panel will open with multiple options:

1. Click on "Vehicle Assignment"
2. Choose "Normal day" for setting the everyday standard
3. Choose "Create new exception" for instances where the standard is different


Start with Normal Day (2), and set the assignments. The arrow can be clicked to cycle through the Drivers created, or "No Assignment" can be clicked for a dropdown of all Drivers created.

Once "Normal Day" is complete, exceptions can be created. These can be for a (1) specific Date, a specific date each Month, a specific date Annually, or a specific day Weekly. Once the type is chosen, click on (2) "Done". Then choose the (3) assignments, and click (4) "Apply Changes" to save the choices.

Once all assignments have been completed, and all exceptions are in place, click on "Apply Now" in the scheduler.

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