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Route Manager 2.0: Create a Single Order

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019 02:50PM EST
To create a single Order in Route Manager 2.0, click "Add Order".

The Order information panel will open, and items can be entered:

1. Name - the name of the customer, business, etc

2. Eligibility Type - can this order be visited on Any Date in the Planning Horizon, on a specific date, or by a specific date?

3. Loads - does this Order require a Capacity to be added (the Capacity must first be built on a Vehicle for the Order to be served)?

4. Vehicle Assignment - should this Order be served by a specific Vehicle?

5. Importance - does this Order require an Importance level so it can be taken into consideration above other Orders?

6. Type - is this Order a Pickup, a Dropoff, Service, or combination Pickup & Dropoff?


7. Location - enter an address for this Order. If there is more than one address found, a list will appear, and a choice can be made.

8. Service Time - what is the length of time anticipated to complete this Order?

9. Time Windows - does this Order need to be served during a specific time frame?

10. Time Window Exceptions and Alternatives - if there are additional Time Windows that the Order can be served during, enter those here

11. Required Tags/Banned Tags - are there Tags needed for these Orders to be served correctly? Enter Required or Banned Tags as needed (note: the Tag/s must first be built on a Vehicle for the Order to be served)


12. Notes - area to give specifics about the Order that the Driver will need.

13. Custom Fields - items that are needed by the Driver to complete the Order, but are not part of Notes. Example: Phone Number, Gate Code, Contact Person, Order ID, Invoice #, etc.

14. Cancel or Save Order - ability to save the Order to the map, or to cancel the Order and start over.
Once the Order has been saved to the map, can repeat the steps to create a new Order, or click Apply Now to move on to the next action.


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