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What is an Operation? What is a Simulation?

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016 02:41PM EDT
Have you ever wondered how you could improve your routing but did not want to mess around with the already efficient routing you have? Now, you can.
Operations is where you will be able to plan your days and execute on them.

We can consider this your “Real World Planning”. You’ll send these routes to Drivers, have only the Vehicles you are provisioned for, and only be able to use the Depots that fall in your Territory.
This is also where, if you have the 360 Package option on your account, you’ll be able to use the dispatch board to see where your Driver is in their day and re-arrange routes for them if necessary. 
Simulations are where you plan expansions or changes to your business. Here, you can add more Vehicles or Depots and see what would happen to your efficiency or Cost. Plus, if you wanted to experiment with creating Traffic Profiles, Regions, or with any of the other options WorkWave Route Manager offers you could do that in this environment without disturbing your existing routes.
Click on the Territory to open your control panel and hit “New Simulation”.

You’ll have a chance to name this Simulation and you can choose to take in Orders and routes from a day in your Operations history. You’ll be able to pull in a real route you did and see how you can make it better. Or you can upload Orders for a future day. 


You’ll notice that in your settings you’ll now be able to add x amount of Depots and Vehicles even if they are outside of your account limits. 
Back in your "Planning" dashboard, you can treat extra Vehicles, Depots, and Orders just like you would in your real world Operations. You can simulate anything you want about them and add whatever.

For instance, let’s say that you were thinking about adding a new Vehicle to your fleet that had a special skill that no one else had. Maybe a Driver who speaks a different language or a Vehicle with a lift gate on it. How many Orders would it take to fill their day? What would make it a worthwhile investment? Would there be enough initial demand to justify any increased Cost?
Create a Vehicle with one of those tags and add/create Orders that will require it. Then plan the route and see if the results are what you want.
If you’re happy with the results you can send these changes to your Operations and actually run the plan with the new information.

Please note that if you simulate your route with extra Drivers or Depots outside of your Territory these will not be sent to Operations. Please contact us for information on upgrading your account.

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