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What is a Region?

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018 03:11PM EST
To create a Region please see this article: Create a Region.

Do you make your routes as friendly as possible to your Drivers and your bottom line? Do you not want your Vehicles crisscrossing their routes unless absolutely necessary? Are there Costs or time considerations to going in and out of somewhere?

A Region is your way to tell the WorkWave Route Manager more information about your area and make a far more human-friendly plan. 
Regions are defined by three characteristics:
Use our Lasso tool to put a polygon around an area that presents you with extra time or cost challenges.
A Cost, defined in money, for your vehicles to enter and exit an area if serving Orders in that area. This could be a specific cost - like a toll - or an overhead cost that you put in to make Route Manager cluster your Orders in this area.
A flat, automatic increase in Driving Time when entering or exiting an area if serving an Order in that area.
Let’s say we’ve defined Manhattan as a special region in our planning. Your Vehicles could go in and out of the island as much as necessary to serve all of your Orders with their unique Time Windows and requirements.

The reality though is that going in and out of Manhattan could mean crossing some of the most heavily trafficked roads in the area. Plus, there are tolls to cross those bridges in and out. 

In the ideal world, a Vehicle could go to Manhattan for a 9 AM order, leave the island, serve an 11:30 AM order in Jersey City, and pop back over to Manhattan for a 1 PM appointment before heading home for the day. Time and mileage wise this may make sense. However, cost wise, this will cost your business $120 in tolls.

When you tell Route Manager this information, $30 each way, it will try and minimize that cost by looking at the option to keep your Vehicle on the island and let it idle until the next appointment window comes up. Or discourage another Vehicle from entering the Region when you have one that has already paid the toll. 

This, of course, will save you $60. Is it worth it to you to save the $60 vs having your Vehicle go and visit another Order? By letting it know more information about your Costs the Route Manager can decide that, too.

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