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What are Costs?

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2018 04:27PM EDT
Costs, in WorkWave Route Manager, are used to create optimized routes taking into account the things that are important to you and your business. One of the things that Route Manager looks to minimize for you is Costs.

In the Vehicle Cost Settings there are values already filled in.
Default Route Manager Vehicle Costs

These default costs will provide you with optimal routes that balance time and mileage reduction. If that is what you want, you're set!

You can enter your true values in these fields, if known. However, at this time Costs are not exportable, and are used as a base, and control, of the optimization algorithm. They can't be used for payroll, or actual hours worked.

If you have a clear idea of what your true costs are and want to minimize those, then here's the guide to what the costs are and how they are used.
The cost of using this Vehicle on any given day. This is a flat fee.

Increasing this cost will tell the planner to focus on using less expensive Vehicles or not using more expensive Vehicles on as many days.
This is how much it costs for you to have your Driver/Technician on site.
This is how much it costs for your Driver to be on the road.
Increasing this cost will tell the planner to focus on minimizing Driving Time.
How much it costs to have your Driver sitting and idling while waiting for the next job.

Increasing this cost will tell the route planner to minimize idle time while waiting for Time Windows (appointment times) to open up.
The cost of your Vehicle/Driver on their break.
The Per Distance cost of your Vehicle.

Increasing this cost will tell the planner to focus on minimizing miles driven.
The cost for your Vehicle to go to each stop.

Using this cost will encourage the planner to group together Orders that are located at the same address, or in the same geofence (if you have requested that feature through the Support Team).

Why would you customize some of these costs? Here are some examples.
  • You know the true values related to the cost of your business. For instance, your true mile per gallon cost for your Vehicles could be input to minimize miles above all else. 
  • You have more general, overhead costs. For instance, you most likely don’t have a “Customer Satisfaction” cost - but you could factor in customer satisfaction by encouraging Orders in one area to be served before moving on to the next. Here, you could use Per Stop Cost to encourage this in Route Manager.
  • You have strict Time Windows that you must honor but you don't want your Vehicles sitting and waiting for them to open up. You could inflate your Idle Time to tale this into account.

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