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Create a Traffic Profile

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 12:07PM EST
Please also see our article What is a Traffic Profile?

1. Click the Settings gear.


2.  Click on the “Traffic” tab.

3. Click on “Create a new traffic profile” or click on “Normal Day”.

4. If you create a new profile you’ll be asked to select whether the profile will be in effect on a certain day or re-occur on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis. 

If you select “Normal Day” you’ll edit the profile that is in effect on any given day of your planning.
Note: If you use the Speed Factor slider in "Normal Day" this will apply a slow down, or speed up, to your entire working Territory - not just to a specific Traffic area.

5. No matter which you select you’ll then need to draw your trafficked area. Click the “Draw a Traffic area” button. 

6. Now, from here you’ll need to highlight the area of the map where you will tell the planner there is a slowdown. Left-click to start drawing.

7. Left-click again to add a point to the map. (Note: You can have a total of 500 points across all of your Traffic profiles.)


8. Keep adding points that correspond to the area you want to draw. Left double-click when done. 

9. Once you’ve drawn your profile you can customize the Traffic slowdown you’ll project for the area. Click on the shaded area and you’ll see a pop-up.

Adjust your slowdowns as you need. This will require some experimentation to get it to match your day to day operations. Luckily, you can change these values on the fly.

Timed Traffic Windows

You can also create specific times when Traffic may be worse. In the Traffic tab, click the “+” next to Time Windows.


You can have up to two Traffic time windows.

1. Pick the starting and ending times. 


2. Click the profile you’ve drawn and select the slowdown.

3. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.

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