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Assign a Vehicle to a Region

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018 03:07PM EST

Please see our article Create a Region prior to assigning a Driver to one.

In some cases, users will need to create special areas where only some Vehicles are allowed to serve Orders. These are Regions

When you assign a Vehicle to a Region, you are telling the WorkWave Route Manager that only this Vehicle is allowed to enter this Region and serve the Orders that fall into it. 

This is often the case with sales companies or service companies who have staff that are assigned a territory that they are responsible for.

Please note that a Vehicle Region does not limit a Vehicle only to this area. The Vehicle is, in fact, eligible to service any Orders that fall outside of the Region if it makes sense to do so - unless of course, those Orders fall into another Vehicle’s area. Also, this does not prevent a Vehicle from driving through a Region - it only prevents it from serving Orders in that Region.

1. Click the Settings gear.


2. Click the Vehicle you want to edit and then click “Edit Selected”.

3. Check the Region/s you want to assign this Vehicle to. Check "(any region)" to assign your Vehicle to all Regions.

4. Click “Ok”.
5. Click "Apply Now" to save your changes.

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