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Send a Vehicle back to a Depot and Back Out (Load/Reload)

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018 09:18AM EST
Before reading this it would be helpful if you read the What is Capacity?, What is a Depot?, Create a Vehicle, and Field Mapping articles.

With WorkWave Route Manager you can create a route plan that takes advantage of a whole work day by sending your Vehicles out, loading or unloading them to Capacity, and send them back to a location (what we call a Depot) to refill or unload before sending them back out to serve more Orders

The term we use for this is Load/Reload

A template is at the end of this page.

Here, trucks will need to go back to a Pickup Depot and reload before going out on a second round of deliveries. Extra details are below.

For every Order that you have, you will need to create a pickup or dropoff that requires a corresponding stop at one of your Depots

1. Basically, this means creating another column in your Excel sheet for this information. 


2. On the same line as the address you are visiting, create a column named “Pickup Depot” or “Dropoff Depot” depending on the action you need to take.

If the action is that you are picking up additional product after emptying your Vehicle choose "Pickup Depot". 
If the action is that you are dropping off product after you have filled your Vehicle to max Capacity, choose "Dropoff Depot". 


3. Use the name of the Depot you created in Route Manager. Examples: Depot 1, Homebase 1, Dump, Matt’s House. 

4. Make sure this is filled out for all of your Orders

5. Map the Depot column to “Address: Depot Name” on the drop-down menu next to "Pickup Depot" or "Dropoff Depot

Pickup Address
Pickup Service Time
Dropoff Depot
123 Example Street, Neptune, NJ
In the case where you are picking up at one address and delivering to multiple all you would need to do is reverse this! 
Pickup Depot
Dropoff Service Time
Dropoff Address
123 Example Street, Neptune, NJ

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