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How do I Compare Changes in my Plan?

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2016 09:45AM EDT

After you’ve made some modifications to your plan Route Manager allows you to examine what effects those changes have had.

1. The comparison tool is located at the bottom left of the WorkWave Route Manager screen.



2. Click the clock on the bottom right of the tool.

3. Every change in your plan will have been recorded as a card you can look at. From here you can chart what you have added or subtracted from the plan in chronological order. Latest plan on the left, older versions to the right. 


4. To see changes from version to version click the middle comparison button or any of the cards.

5. The cards will turn yellow. Click on one of them, it will turn white, and the others will update to show what has changed since that version of the plan.

In this example, the middle version is selected. We can see that the version before it cost $15 less to run, had the same amount of Violations, and had less time and miles for the Vehicles

The version after the selected one costs $7 more, has one more Violation and adds time to the Vehicle’s day. 

6. Click the “%” button to turn the measurements to percentages.
7. When you’re comparing plan versions you’ll also see the changes tracked in your Vehicle chart.

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