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Rearrange a Route (Drag & Drop)

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2016 09:33AM EDT
Now that you’ve made a really nice looking plan that takes into consideration all of your constraints, human variables, and Costs you’re ready to Commit the plan and get it to your Drivers...until a last minute Order comes in. Or a Vehicle breaks down. Or...any number of things.

It’s time to adjust on the fly and make some changes.

WorkWave Route Manager allows you to be in ultimate control of your route plan. For whatever reason, you need you can let it do the heavy lifting of planning the bulk of your route and then make the modifications you want afterwards.


Before starting this process it would probably help you to set a baseline for your plan.

1. After you’ve built your plan and approved it, click and hold on an Order that you want to move around. It will become transparent and adjustable.

2. From here, move it anywhere you want. You’ll notice that - to help you keep track of various Orders you may have moved - the assignment numbers remains the same even after you’ve moved it. This will help you to not lose track of various changes you’ve made.

Order 1.1 on Vehicle 1 retains this designation as you move different Orders around. The same will be true for other Orders that are moved.

3. Any Violations that result from you making these changes will also be shown. Any Order violations will be highlighted in red. Also, you can hover over the warning to see what the problem is.

4. You can also use the “Show/Hide Approved Plan” button to compare a before and after shot of the different routes. 

The plan on top will be the route you’ve made, the route on the bottom will be the last approved route.

5. Once you are happy with the plan - which depending on your constraints may require some additional tweaking - click "Approve and Dispatch" and "Apply Now" to save your changes and send to your Drivers (if you have our 360 package). 

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