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Take a Vehicle off of a Day

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2017 03:54PM EST
Now that you’ve made a really nice looking plan that takes into consideration all of your constraints, human variables, and Costs you’re ready to Approve the plan and get it to your Drivers...until a last minute Order comes in. Or a Vehicle breaks down. Or...any number of things.

It’s time to adjust on the fly and make some changes.
Take a Vehicle off of a Day
On the day you’re planning look under the “Name” Column and you’ll see the name of your Vehicle.

2. Click that name and a new window will pop up that allows you to make changes to that Vehicle’s settings. Uncheck the “Is Available” box

3. The Orders for that day will be removed and that Vehicle’s chart will turn gray.

4. Now, either click “Build Plan” to re-optimize the whole plan...

5. ...or click the arrow to reveal the option to “Keep current routes”. This will Fit In your Orders wherever your Vehicles have the ability to squeeze in additional work. This will take into consideration any Orders that have been marked as completed in the Route Manager Mobile App.
6. Once you are happy with the plan - which depending on your constraints may require some additional tweaking -  send to your Drivers (if you have our 360 package) and hit “Apply Now” to save the plan.

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