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Approve Plans and Track Changes

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017 09:11AM EST
Once you’ve built your plan you may need to make changes to it. WorkWave Route Manager gives you the ability to assign static ID numbers to the Orders in your plan to make it easy to track those changes. 

This is also what triggers Route Manager to send your Driver's routes to their Route Manager mobile application

1. After building routes the Orders will have been assigned numbers in order of their sequence for the Vehicle/Driver.


2. Click “Approve and Dispatch”

3. Pick the dates you would like to approve the plans for

4. New ID numbers will be added to each Order. The first number is the Vehicle number, the second number is the Order ID number.

So, “2.2” is Vehicle 2, Order 2.

5. Dragging and Dropping an Order around will move the Order and its original ID.

Order 1.1 has been moved from Vehicle 1 to Vehicle 2.


It keeps it’s original ID information so that you can make as many changes as you need to and keep track of those changes. 

6. You can even compare the changes you’ve made to the original sequence. Click the “Show/Hide Approved Plan” button above the Vehicle chart.


7. This will generate a row between each Vehicle with the original plan in its original sequence. You’re able to see the total set of changes compared to the original.

This will include mileage and time for comparison purposes.

8. Click “Approve and Dispatch” again when you’re done so that the IDs reset. If you've made changes, just click "Update", "Done" then "Apply Now". 

You can also use the Comparison Tool to look at different changes in the plan. 

Once your Drivers have started to report their Order status back you will no longer be able to set new approvals for the day. Instead, you'll get a status report on how many Orders have been completed. 

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