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Print Your Routes

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 04:14PM EST
WorkWave Route Manager gives you the option to print out or save to PDF the routes you build. 

1. Click the checkbox next to your Vehicle’s Name and ID number. Select whichever Vehicles you need to print routes for. 

2. Click the arrow on Export Routes.

3. Click “Print Selected Routes” or "Print Selected Approved Routes".

Choose "Print Selected Routes" when you are printing a current route that may not have been approved. This is your live Route. It includes any changes or edits you, and/or your Driver, may have completed.

Choose "Print Selected Approved Routes" when you are printing routes that you have used "Approve and Dispatch" for. It will only print the last approved route.
(Note: If you use the Mobile App, the last approved route will be the one prior to your Driver checking into their first order.)

4. A new window will open with a printer friendly version of the route plan.

It will include:
  • A map of the routes
  • Turn-by-turn-directions
  • Information about each Order (“Step Details”)
  • Any custom fields you uploaded
  • Choice of Google routing or Route Manager routing

5. You can turn off these details by unchecking their boxes.

Example: The printed page with no map or turn by turn directions.

6. When you’re ready to print, click “Print This Page”

Your computer’s printer options will take over at this point and you can choose where to print the routes.

You can also choose to save them as a PDF from your computer’s printer settings. 

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