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Edit Orders inside of Route Manager

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017 08:22AM EST
After you have imported Orders in through Excel or API you may need to make changes to what you’ve brought in. Last minute changes happen and there is no need to re-import your entire Order list.

1. Go to the Orders section of WorkWave Route Manager.


2. From here, you can select the Orders you need to edit in two ways:
A. Click the checkbox next to your Orders names (or addresses if you don’t have name)

B. Use the lasso tool to select a section of your map.

3. Once you’ve selected your Orders, the “Edit Selected Orders” button will activate. Click it.

4. A new box will open up and you can edit parts of the Orders.

Breakdown of Edits:
Eligibility: The dates the selected Orders can be served on. Choose from “On”, “By”, or “Any”

Loads: Edit what is being picked up or dropped off at each Order.

Vehicle: Choose a Vehicle that MUST serve this Order

Importance: Select the importance/priority of this Order. This will prioritize this Order if you don’t have enough Vehicles or time to serve EVERY Order.

Service Time: Change amount of time your Vehicle will be at each Order. 

Time Windows
Change the window of time that your Vehicle may arrive at each Order.

Tags: Change the Required or Banned Tags associated with your Orders
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