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What is a Violation?

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017 10:10AM EST
A Violation occurs when one of your rules (often called a "constraint") about your Orders or Vehicles has been broken. For instance, a Vehicle returning to the Depot late or one of your Orders not being served in their Time Window. 

WorkWave Route Manager will never suggest a Violation; they are caused by manual adjustments or check-ins from the Driver in their WorkWave Route Manager Mobile App. 

Whether or not you accept a Violation is up to you. Once warned, you can adjust your route to compensate for real time delays, re-plan as needed, or accept the Violation if that is what is necessary.

The number of Violations will display in the “Warns” column of your Driver’s route chart.

You can view the Vehicle Violations by clicking on the notice in the “Warns” column.

The Vehicle's description will pop up in the upper left of your map and the Violation will be highlighted. In this case, the time window has been violated. In the gantt chart, you can see that is because the Driver isn't getting back to the Depot until after their day was supposed to end.



If an Order in the Vehicle chart is highlighted in red, Route Manager is telling you that one of the Order's constraints has been violated.

Click the red Order and information about it will pop up on your map.

This Order had a Violation because service is scheduled to start outside of its Time Window. The Violation is called out in red. 


The Time Window for this Order is 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM.

Now, click the Plan/ETA tab in the box. The service starts at 2:11 am - outside of the Time Window you gave the Order

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