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Display GPS Tracking in WorkWave Route Manager

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016 04:26PM EDT

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With WorkWave Route Manager’s GPS integration you can display your Vehicle’s current location as well as the breadcrumbs from where they’ve been during the day you’re visualizing.

Breadcrumbs trails are markers along the roads that your Vehicles and Drivers have actually traveled in the course of their day. When you see them you can tell that your Vehicles have been on the move and which direction they traveled.

WorkWave Route Manager will display the Vehicle position and its breadcrumb trail in the same color you selected for the Vehicle in its settings.

Display Tracking Information

1. On your WorkWave Route Manager map, click the “Layers” button

2. The Layers window will expand

3. You can only view the current position and breadcrumbs for the current day, so make sure that you’ve selected today’s date. 

4. Then, click the “Vehicles” dropdown and select the Vehicles you want to display.

5. In the GPS section click on “Show” or “Hide” for either the Vehicle position or breadcrumbing. 

This will display one or both on the map for you to review.

6. The white dots with the Vehicle’s color in them are the actual positions of the Vehicles. In WorkWave Route Manager you will see them pulse.

The smaller dots (breadcrumbs) on the map tell you the roads the Vehicle took as well as the directions they were headed in.


7. You can even click on the breadcrumbs to display the timestamp of the breadcrumb, where your Driver was at this time and the speed the Vehicle was traveling at that moment.


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