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What is Road Editing?

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017 10:16AM EST
For how to edit the road network in your Territory, please see Block a Portion of a Road

For how to set an additional Driving Time, please see Set your Non-Preferred Roads

With WorkWave Route Manager you have the ability to close segments of roads to the program’s planning or disfavor roads in routing. We call this Road Editing and our tool is the Road Editor.
What you are really saying when you use the Road Editor is “You Shall Not Pass” this point. You’re drawing a line on the road(s) that stops Route Manager from crossing that line.

If you draw a single line (pictured above) a Vehicle could go right up to the line and turn around. You’d use this when you need to create a barrier of Vehicles crossing into any area using that road. 

If you draw a double line (below) you’re actually closing that entire portion 
of the road to travel as you’ve said there is no way to enter or exit that area.

The powerful thing about the Road Editor is that you can use it to guide your Vehicles, too. 

If you wanted to make sure that your Vehicles did 
not get off at a certain exit or stayed on certain roads you could block the exits off of a highway or parkway by closing the on/off ramps. Below, the off ramps for both parts of a roadway are closed - forcing Route Manager to keep the Vehicle on this road until the next exit.


Image enlarged to show texture
If you’re looking to block entire roadways you would need to block the entry and exit points across most of the road.

Now, you can also set an "Additional Driving Time" to use that road. If you do this it will not only add in additional minutes/hours to your plan, but it will also cause Route Manager to favor other roads for travel. 

If the Driving Time is great enough to outweigh traveling another route the route with additional Driving Time added on will not be chosen. 

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