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What is Importance?

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2016 03:03PM EDT
Workwave Route Manager's goal is to serve as many Orders as possible in the time you’ve defined, according to the rules (constraints), and costs you've set. Route Manager will then pick the most efficient route to serve those Orders.

Using an Importance gives weight to Orders that are more important to your business and should be served at the expense of other, less important Orders if there isn’t enough time to serve all of them.

Importance can be measured from Lowest priority to Highest depending on how important it is that the Order is served. 

Let’s say you have 100 Orders to serve but you know you will only be able to serve 85 in total. Instead of having the system decide which Orders will be served based on pure cost, time, or distance - give the Orders that are more important to you importance over other, less important Orders (and make sure they are marked as “Lower”!). 

For example, a lawn service company has some Orders that make it more revenue than others. They’ll give priority to the services that profit it the most.

Or, maybe you were unable to get to an Order on a previous day's route and you want it to get service ahead of others on the next route. You can either manually assign it or assign it the exact date you want it done on and give it more importance. 

In either of these cases, giving this Order a higher importance level will encourage WorkWave Route Manager to serve it at the expense of other Orders

Now, making an Order “Highest” priority does not mean that it will be served. Route Manager will still try and juggle distance, time, cost, and the total amount of Orders for you. If, after you build routes and Route Manager still does not choose an Order that you’ve set as “Highest”, you can, of course, force it in manually.

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